We are a service company that serve multi industry range from national to international customer. Our facilities including: Machining, Forging, Heat Treatment, Fabrication, Automotive Parts, General Contractor, General Trading, Metal Works, which have owned experience 40 years with sophisticated technology and modern facilities.

We are opening opportunities to join us wheter in joint operation, joint venture or profit share.

If you have wide marketing network either in private enterprise, governmental or other institution which is prospected to get work order according to our area , we invite you to work along to get the job.

We will support you in technical, financial, tender document, and also government license.

You can send your proposal into : marketing@tjokrogroup.com





Tjokro Group is the Domestic Company Group in manufacturing industry, fabrication and machine shop for repairing and maintenance of products and services.

Tjokro Group also put the effort on the manufacturing, as we produce lots of parts for automotive, agriculture, industry parts and heavy equipment for major global brand. Tjokro Group has integrated manufacturing plants in Pulogadung Jakarta and Karawang which serve as one stop manufacturing area. More than half centuries went by our company still keep improving ourselves for the customers. We keep up with new technology for machinery, tooling and database system and educate our fellow employees to higher knowledge of the lastest technology to make ourselves to be more efficient, reliable, and good quality to do services for our customers.

Tjokro Group dedicated in this business, we keep improving ourselves to strive becoming the most important player in this business. A lot of innovation and improvement we make to the company so we can give the efficient, reliable , and good quality and best services to our customers. With our great foundation, professionalism, experience and drive to always innovate, Tjokro Group is achieving our dream to become Indonesia’s leading one stop mechanical solutions company that is ready to compete in this era of globalization.

We of Tjokro Group want to advance in this case intends to offer cooperation with Startup Company which develop Electrical Component for Electric Vehicle (Motorcycles and Cars) / next generation Electric vehicle and various electrical parts. Collaboration in R&D (Research and Development) are welcome and develop to finished product until mass production. We can also contribute in providing funds. We want to propose a cooperation with your company to become a partner. Mechanisms of collaboration can we explain further after we received your company profile and prospectus prosperous peace was intrigued by the offer of cooperation that we pass, If your company interested, we are ready to talk further. So this offering letter of offer we made, the top concern and cooperation we convey thanks.

Email : corporate@tjokrogroup.com